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CBP Form

Jun 28, 2022Introduction to Trade

What is CBP Form 7512 Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods?

CBP Form 7512, Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods is a document filed by the importer or their agent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that provides details about the shipment of goods entering the United States. The form must be filed for all shipments valued over $2,500, and it includes information such as the type of merchandise, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification, value, quantity, port of entry, and more.

Importers are required to file CBP Form 7512 electronically via the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), unless they qualify for an exception. Once the form is filed, CBP will issue an entry number, which must be included on all subsequent documents relating to the shipment.

What is CBP form used for?

The US Department of Homeland Security utilizes the form for cargo verification along with the CBP. Therefore, it’s one of the most important documents for importing goods into the US.

The CBP Form 7512 is used to track the movement of in-bond goods into the United States to ensure that no illegal cargo enters the country. The detailed information included on the form helps to achieve this goal by providing Customs and Border Protection with essential details about the shipment, such as its port of entry, destination, contents, and value.

To guarantee that no illicit goods enter the country, the CBP uses the form to keep track of these in-bond products as they are moved through customs. As a result, the comprehensive information serves as a safety mechanism.

What are the types of CBP form 7512 ?

There are two types of the form, and they’re:

CBP Form 7512-A: Transportation Entry and Manifest of Unladen Vehicles and Aircraft

CBP Form 7512-B: Transportation Entry and Manifest of Lading

Components of CBP Form 7512

The CBP form 7512 includes the following vital information about the cargo:

  • Origin port
  • Destination port
  • Merchandise details
  • Consignor and consignee details
  • Import and export dates
  • Lighterage and cartage information

You must also discuss the number of copies required to manage the cargo’s entry, manifest, or withdrawal with the CBP officer.

Filling out the CBP Form 7512

To properly fill out a CBP Form 7512, one must include the required data such as:

  • The entry number, class of entry, date, port of entry and port code number for the shipment
  • Information about the US port of unloading and importer
  • Bond description
  • The name of the lighterman delivering the cargo along with details of the destination where goods will be delivered
  • The importer/IRS number, car number, pier number, vessel/carrier information, etc.
  • Details about the foreign loading port when the cargo is imported
  • If goods are being exported, the export date, country name, final destination, and current location of goods (pier, warehouse, and station details)
  • Information about the consignee. If there is no consignee, the freight forwarder or any third party handling the shipment at the destination will be considered
  • The number of packages, quantity of goods, etc. as well as the cargo’s gross weight duty, rate, and value. If an accurate value is not known, provide an estimated number
  • A lading certificate for goods transportation and exportation which includes details such as an inspector, date, laden vessel, aircraft, and vehicle
  • Reason for this transportation, departure locations, and the ultimate destination
  • Declare that all information mentioned is accurate
  • Specify cartage/lighterage information along with other details.

CBP Form 7512 to clear customs for imported goods

TCBP Form 7512 is used to obtain clearance for imported goods from the customs department. The form must be filed at the first arrival port and includes the in-bond number. The customs broker can obtain the number from the in-bond issuance officer. After the goods reach the destination, a warehouse or consumption entry filing is required to obtain clearance from CBP.


The CBP form 7512 is a required document for the safe transportation of items from one destination to another. It is important to accurately complete all of the required information on the form to avoid any legal difficulties with customs. If you need to modify an already filled out form, you must fill out a new one and annotate it as an amendment. However, the new form must have the same in-bond serial number as the original form. For more information about the legalities of the CBP form 7512, you can contact the customs department.


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1324 E 2nd St, Muscatine, IA 52761

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